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Introducing NFT- Fundraising By FunDeSci

An innovative approach for decentralized crowdfunding of scientific projects

 Tokenize, Commercialize, and Disseminate with NFT-Fundraising

Best way to get funded by your community

FunDeSci brings you many advantages to facilitate funding of your scientific projects

Engagement and Rewards

Contributors receive NFT tokens as symbols of their support. These tokens can unlock exclusive content, experiences, or benefits, creating an engaging and rewarding journey.

Ownership and Accountability

NFTs signify tangible ownership, forging a link between contributors and the projects they support. Immutablity of blockchain ensures transparency, enhancing accountability and trust.


NFT-Fundraising operates on decentralized blockchain networks, reducing intermediaries and empowering direct interaction between contributors and creators.

FunDeSci? Fund Decentralized Science

FunDeSci empowers you to contribute through funding and tokenizing your research outputs including datasets, algorithms, technical reports, dApps, open-access tools, etc.




Support innovation & creativity

Explore creative project proposals on FunDeSci

All researchers can easily start to raise funds by creating their project proposal in fundesci platform


Frequency Asked Questions

Welcome to our General FAQ section! Find quick answers to common questions below.

What is FunDeSci?
FunDeSci is a decentralized marketplace that facilitates NFT-based fundraising for early-career researchers seeking to finance innovative scientific initiatives. Our organization leverages blockchain technology to eliminate financial barriers that impede the funding of promising projects. Our platform aims to provide funding opportunities for researchers and foster collaboration and knowledge exchange, thereby enhancing scientific progress and contributing to societal advancement. Moreover, it would facilitate corporations in identifying and engaging with appropriate researchers who can address their challenges and receive grants as incentives.
How does FunDeSci work?

FunDeSci is an innovative platform that allows researchers to showcase their scientific projects and seek funding from investors. Using either auction or crowdfunding, researchers can create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent their projects and put them up for sale on the platform. When investors purchase these NFTs with cryptocurrency, they not only support scientific research but also receive a unique digital asset that represents their contribution. The funds raised from the sale of these NFTs are then used to advance scientific research. In addition to NFT-based fundraising, FunDeSci also provides an avenue for eligible scientists to apply for grants offered by organizations that are passionate about scientific research. By connecting researchers with potential investors and grant providers, FunDeSci aims to promote and support the growth of scientific research.

What is NFT-Fundraising?
NFT-Fundraising is a kind of fundraising in which non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are used to promote different causes. NFT-Fundraising in the framework of FunDeSci enables researchers to generate and mint their own NFTs to represent their scientific initiatives, which can subsequently be acquired by investors using cryptocurrency. The revenues from the sale of these NFTs will go toward funding the research endeavor. NFT-Fundraising provides a novel option for investors to fund scientific research while also obtaining a collectable object that reflects their donation by utilizing NFTs to represent scientific initiatives.
How to create a MetaMask wallet?

Although there are many wallets available in the market, currently MetaMask is used as the most famous wallet on this platform. A complete guide to using MetaMask is presented at, for more information refer to

What kind of projects can be defined as NFT?

Our main effort is to reduce social inequalities in the distribution of research funds in the scientific community, regardless of nationality, seniority, race, or gender. This platform has made it possible to define a wide range of research projects such as life sciences and biotechnology, engineering and applied sciences, computer sciences, open-source software, etc., and attract financial support for the immediate development and diffusion of knowledge.

Meet Our Team

where curiosity meets innovation, and the boundaries of knowledge are continuously pushed forward.

Looking Ahead

Q3 - Q4 2023
- Smart contract development
- Auction based funding
- NFT Crowdfunding
- Knowledge base and documentation
- UI Development
- Results publication
Q3 - Q4 2023
On Going: Q1 - Q2 2024
Version 1.0
- Beta release, early access
- Cross-Chain Compatibility
- Rewards and royalties
- NFT based access control
- Science NFT Marketplace
- B2B Marketing
On Going: Q1 - Q2 2024
Q3 - Q4 2024
Version 2.0
- Tokenomics (Possible AirDrop!!!)
- DAO governance
- Reputation system
- Research liquidity pools
- Featured researchers
- Gamification and personalized XP
- NFT Fractionalization
- Subscription based support
Q3 - Q4 2024
Soon Enough 😉
- Campaign manager
- Digital twins
- Cross-Platform Integration
- AI project matching
- Blockchain transparency features
- Advanced fundraising options
- Scientific awards and certifications
- Charity fund
Soon Enough 😉

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